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Caletti.com neemt een hele dikke Volkswagen Crafter in ontvangst

Wij wensen de firma hele veilige kilometers toe!

“Passione Italiana, inspirata dalla tradizione”

Our origin lies in the Sicilian coastal town of Licata, that actually dates back to 282 BCE. One of the oldest and biggest ports of Sicily and true to tradition it is still an active fishing port and has a grand Marina that is a popular destination en route to or from the Aegean Sea. That tradition is visible in all our products, we aim to provide the best craftsmanship and our complete line of products is backed by our name and reputation. Visit us on one of the boatshow’s or contact us directly at team@calletti.com

Volkswagen Crafter

Rijklaar vanaf € 22.300,-

De nieuwe Crafter. Maakt zwaar werk licht. Hoe bouw je een bedrijfswagen waarmee je écht verder komt? Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens vroeg het aan échte vakmannen, van…

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